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Driving Adventures!

I am a delivery driver now! This job is awesome because I do not have to deal with people and all of their stupid questions all day long. Just cool dudes who work at auto shops. It’s a don’t shoot … Continue reading

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Some Days, Most Days

As an introvert, my mood greatly depends on the setting I am in. Home: laid back, calm, collected, happy. Work: sad, uncomfortable, easily frustrated. Some days, however, it’s the opposite. When I’m home with nothing to do but stare at … Continue reading

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Things to Expect When You’re Introverted

Disclaimer: Yes, there are different types of introverts. I am writing about the type I resemble. This is Tae, I haven’t written in a while. Adryan pointed out to me that we shouldn’t neglect our blog so much, and as … Continue reading

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