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This blog is more about us. Two introvert sisters with a ten year age difference, though we are very alike in a lot of ways. The older of the two is Adryan, who currently holds three part time jobs, two of which deal with the public. The younger is Taelor, a fresh from highschool graduate (as of June 2013) who has recently started her first job. We both have very laid back attitudes and don't really get into fights all that often. Usually when there is an altercation, one side or the other is hit with this terrible thing called "reason" which causes the loser of said conversation to bow out. There isn't always grace involved, most often a comment like, "Well, if you're going to make sense" is involved but no hard feelings are held. And, you guessed it, we are introverts. I will go more into that in our blog! Which we will both, occasionally, leave posts and will sign our names at the top and bottom so you know who you are reading about. I hope we don't bore you to death. (In our pics, Taelor (younger) is wearing the World of Warcraft shirt, and Adryan (older) is the one tugging on Taelor's ear.) Update: 2015 Adryan (older) now works as a delivery driver for an auto parts store, while Taelor (the younger) moved to California in 2014 and has recently moved back home, about to start a new customer service job at an electronics store. We live together again and have basically picked up where we left off when Taelor decided to gallivant off into the wilds of Cali, leaving Adryan to fend for herself back at home.

Living in The Silence

Hello, Taepoo here. Okay, I admit, I stole this title from something that Adryan said a while back, and I really liked it. So why not write on it? I don’t know exactly how I became introverted, or if you … Continue reading

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Saying “No” and Not Feeling Bad About It

Heyo, Saying no has always been a problem for me. I feel terrible whenever I tell someone that I can’t do something because they want to know why. Because I need some freaking me time before my head explodes. Well … Continue reading

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Driving Adventures!

I am a delivery driver now! This job is awesome because I do not have to deal with people and all of their stupid questions all day long. Just cool dudes who work at auto shops. It’s a don’t shoot … Continue reading

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Back In The Swing Of Things

Hello! It’s been a couple months. Luckily for me, not quite as big as the distance between the two posts before this. Tae speaking. I moved home from California. Relationships are a fickle thing – one day you can feel … Continue reading

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Long Time, No See

Hello, Taelor here! It’s been way too long since my/our last post, and quite a bit has changed. I moved to California with the boyfriend (Adryan wasn’t too happy about that, and we miss each other terribly), and now I … Continue reading

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Some Days, Most Days

As an introvert, my mood greatly depends on the setting I am in. Home: laid back, calm, collected, happy. Work: sad, uncomfortable, easily frustrated. Some days, however, it’s the opposite. When I’m home with nothing to do but stare at … Continue reading

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Something I Do When I’m Down

This is Tae, and this is a little blurb I felt like writing. Okay, it took me like two hours, but it’s not that great, so I’m calling it a blurb. When I get down in the dumps I write, … Continue reading

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